I have a large collection, how can I know you'll be good?

Have a no commitment sample scan. Send up to 10 images which we will scan and make available for you to download a preview version of. We'll then either hold on to your images and join them with your full order on receipt, or return them (in the very unlikely) event of not being satisfied. With over 10 years experience we are extremely confident that you will be satisfied with any order, large or small.

How long does the transfer take?

Most standard orders are returned within a week or two, a little longer at busier times. If your order is urgent, a last minute present for example, let us know and we will try to complete your order earlier.

Can I have my slides in a specific order?

Of course, just let us know the order you require and label or package the images accordingly. Whether you just want them in an order or arranged into separate folders, we just need to know.

Will you know which way my slides should be viewed?

Usually. We can normally detect the correct way from seeing which side has the emulsion on, or some brands have set ways. Hold the slide so it reflects a light source to you - one side will be shiny, the other slightly bumpy due to the emulsion. Some slides are labelled 'view from this side' too which helps. For some slides in glass or plastic casing it is more difficult and we may have to use our best guess.

I'm sending negative strips, can I choose specific frames to scan?

Yes. We can follow any common sense way of indicating which frames you want. There is normally a frame number written near the image. People often slip in a piece of paper simply indicating which images they want. We only charge for the images scanned.

Why do you do a disc/USB/download and also a DVD Slideshow option?

As part of your order you can have the option of downloading your images as jpeg files directly, have on a CD-rom or DVD-rom or on a USB Memory Stick. These are computer files so that you can put the disk/stick into your computer and view/use them. Some DVD players will also allow you to view the disc on a TV, and most TVs these days will access the images on a USB Stick. We also offer a DVD slideshow which plays on a DVD player and shows your slides on your TV with gentle background music as they show. This also makes a beautiful gift with its personalised case. Up to 500 images per DVD. Ideal for those who 'know where they are' with a DVD and a reticent to use other technology.

Can I have TIFF files?

TIFF files are available on request at no additional cost. These larger non-compressed images are sometimes requested by publishers. As they are larger either you'll have to provide a USB Memory Stick or we will for £10 as the size makes them impractical for disc or download.

What is ICE technology?

Dust and defects are the biggest issue when scanning transparencies. Images are scanned more than once and one infra-red scan detects as much of these problems as possible and corrects the final image accordingly. This only works for colour images (as black and white images usually contain silver particles that stop the infra-red scan from working properly).

I don't have a disc drive!

No problem, we can either make them available to download, you can send a USB Stick or we can provide one for £10.

How do I pay?

We will email you an invoice for payment when your discs are ready to be posted with options to pay by bank transfer or online by card/PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay using PayPal. Alternatively we can happily accept cheque.

How do you send the digital copy and original images back?

When your order is ready, we will return your disc/USB Stick and images together in one package by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This is a fully tracked and insured, guaranteed overnight service. We will keep a back-up digital copy of your discs just in case for a couple of weeks! For larger and heavier orders over 2Kg, we normally use Parcel Force 48 Hour Service. We have a flat postage cost per order .

I live in Nottingham, can you collect?

We can sometimes offer collection and delivery for the Bingham, Radcliffe and South East Nottingham areas. For further afield in the Nottingham area we can often arrange collection in person for our standard postage fee. Call or email.

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