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We specialise in high quality scanning of old slides and images to preserve them for posterity.

Do you have a collection of old 35mm slides, perhaps dating back to the 60s and 70s with memories you haven't seen as the old slide projector is now broken? Or perhaps you have a box of photos from that backpacking trip in the 90s. Or maybe you have some very old transparencies or negatives of ancestors that you've uncovered whilst looking through your family history.

Whatever form they are in, using our high quality scanners and expertise we can convert them into digital images that you can use on your computer or even make prints from. After we digitise them, we send you a CD or DVD disc with the transferred images so that you can copy them to your computer and use like you would modern digital photographs.

We can even transfer them into a film on DVD so you can sit back and enjoy a slideshow on your TV - without having to get the old projector out!


We can scan and convert  to digital all types of slides, negatives and transparencies, both 35mm slides and non-standard, mounted and non-mounted. We also scan photographs old and new, both loose and in albums. More information can be found on the prices page or the size guide page.  


Also, see what our previous customers have said on our testimonial page.

We are so confident that we will produce the best possible quality result, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Simply return your discs and on receipt we will send you a full refund less postage costs.

 Highest Quality Guaranteed!


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